Parenting Redefined

Being a mother is rarely what you expected.

All the books in the world couldn’t have prepared you for all the ways you feel insufficient.

Of course, you love your children. But you never even knew you had a temper until you had kids!
No matter how much you love them, they can make you angrier than you’ve ever felt before.

You try so hard to do everything right, and you still wind up feeling like a failure.
How does everyone else make it look so easy?

You are not alone.

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding and difficult things you’ll ever do in your life. And you are not the first mom to feel like your parenting has been riddled with mistakes and regrets(!) amidst the joy and the memories and the love.

Therapy can be a place to process the beautiful mess of parenting.

I take great joy in helping moms (both rookie and veteran) understand themselves better in their role of mothering, grow in their ability to parent well, and live in acceptance that life and their children’s lives are far outside their own control.

Having a place to work through your challenges, understand yourself as a parent, and receive real support can be invaluable not only to you, but also to your relationship with your children. 

Call me to schedule time for you to explore your parenting challenges.