Tired of it?

Waking up and feeling anxious.

Worrying about what happened yesterday.

Thought things would be easier by now?

That age would bring confidence and certainty. But life seems to only get harder?

You can’t think yourself better.

No matter what you tell yourself, it’s just not enough to make you feel any better—to feel like you are “enough.”

Not feeling good enough is that blister that won’t heal. It’s there all the time. Some days it can go unnoticed, but the next day it’s grown and festered making you wince at every turn.

Bitterness and anger are the result. Bubbling up toward your spouse, your kids, the people that matter to you most.

Where is God in all of this?

Is life just a paradox—God is good and life is really hard?

If you prayed more, would you still feel this anxious? Would you still feel this worthless?

Does God care how much you’re suffering? Is this what God planned for your life?

Something has to change.

Continuing this way isn’t how you want to live your life…

…Never feeling enough.

…Feeling stuck in past hurt.

…Second-guessing your future.

I am here for you.

Come experience healing in order to live authentically and purposefully.

Are you ready to stop suffering
and start living?

This is the first step to drastically changing how
you experience your life.