what is temperament counseling?

Temperament Counseling is essential to what I do. I work mostly with adults and couples who might be surviving okay on their own, but want more than to just survive. Many of my clients are seeking wellness and wholeness in all areas of their lives and Temperament Counseling helps me meet this need more directly.

Temperament Counseling starts with a personality test that is designed to understand your temperament in three different areas:

Inclusion: how you relate to others and your energy for others

Control: how you make decisions and where you place control in a relationship

Affection: how you give and receive love with close loved ones

In each area, we will discover how you are perceived by others in these areas and what your needs truly are. Seeing and understanding these discrepancies will be the first step to producing real change in your life. 

will temperament counseling help me with MY problem?

Temperament Counseling offers helpful insight to almost any concern you might be struggling with. Using the Temperament Profile, you will gain new awareness and I will gain a much broader picture of who you are – both of which help us get to the core of the issue!

Do you feel blindsided by your emotions? Insecure with your friends? Frustrated in your job?

Do you want to understand why you and your spouse keep having the same fight? Do you wish you could be more intimate with your spouse?

You’re told to “Be Yourself!” but what if who you are feels like a moving target? Understanding your temperament is a building block to finding real peace in who you are.

Let’s get started.