Relational Repair

If we could just communicate better….

Communication’s the problem. If we could just communicate better, we never would have found ourselves in this spot.

Most of the time I feel all alone even when we’re together. If I do try to talk to him, I’m just left lonely and disappointed.

Each day growing further and further apart without even knowing why. The thought of saying something—trying to fix it—seems impossible by now.

How does anyone come back from this? The damage feels too deep.

Better Communication!

This is the battle cry. Better communication is what couples want—or say they want. But is it that simple? Is that where the answers lie?

How can it not be?! Communication is the key to everything—understanding each other, knowing how each other feels, making decisions!

That’s true, communication helps you do those things. But are you prepared to hear what your spouse thinks, feels, wants? The key word is ‘hear’!

Of course! That’s what I’ve been waiting for!

But what happens when you don’t like what he says? When you disagree, and you feel misunderstood? Again. And what if you’ve both communicated your opinions accurately?

Beyond Communication

The problem extends beyond communication, it (almost) always does.

The question is, are you ready to go beyond surface communication? Are you ready to show up for your spouse and make this marriage the marriage you both want it to be?

I work with couples who are ready to invest in making their marriage work. Who are ready to move forward in healthier patterns and have a marriage that they were hoping for all along.

Relationship therapy is the place to make that happen.

I know you’ve been trying. So when you feel that it’s just not helping – send me a message!

You’ve made vows and you plan to keep them. It is time to do something to get back on track. Consider what you risk losing if you don’t ask for help.

Let’s begin the repair. Repair from the inside out. Fill out the form below to get started!