What's working?

I like to ask this of my clients during our work together. The question is sometimes directed at our counseling process – “what’s working here, in session?” This question matters because your therapist needs to know what’s working and conversely, what isn’t. If something is working, let's do more of that - whether it's focusing in on a certain theme, adjusting or adding to your goals, creating a homework assignment, or revisiting a question that spurred a lot of important feedback. 

At other times, I'll use this question to address your personal life, outside the counseling office. On days when you’re struggling less, what’s working? Did you get up earlier that day or go to bed earlier? Did you have breakfast? Exercise? Did you approach something with a new perspective? Were you looking forward to your evening plans? Did you practice mindfulness? There may not always be a direct cause and effect, but if you can start noticing what’s working (and what isn't), that's a step in the right direction!

So, take a moment to reflect on your day or on this past week and ask yourself, what’s working?